Keston Combi C50 boiler discharging cold

Hello Everybody,

I have a three years old Keston Combi C50 boiler, which is discharging cold water from last night. In order to fix the problem, I have restarted the boiler but no progress. My boiler is under warranty so, should I call a Keston boiler service center? Please help

Thank you so much


Hi Julian, it is a quite common problem in the Keston boilers. Keeping your problem in mind, I am going to share the some possible reasons along with the solutions below:

  1. Loss of the expansion vessel, you can fix it when the hot tap is open. Just verify & recharge the vessel
  2. Defective or blocked, for this expand the valve for relieving the value mechanism in order to replace or clear
  3. Defective pressure, for this you have to exchange the pressure & reducing valve
  4. Cross flow directly from the cold supply. To fix this check the mixer taps & fit.