Boiler Types and Efficiency

Boilers installed around year 2000 are now 15-20 years and their efficiency doesn’t exceed 70%.  New generation boilers that are available today will have efficiencies greater than 90%. You need to remember that improving efficiency improves you gas  and electricity bills.

Ketson Combi boilers  are quick and easy to install with an efficiency rating of ‘A’. They are design for bigger houses or/and commercial use, the output range will satisfy anyone bigger apartment owner to someone running a business. Keston Combi boilers offer 2 outputs 30 kW and 35 kW, Keston System offers output of 30Kw, and Keston Heat Solution offer condensing outputs of 45 kW and 55 kW.

Keston Heat Solution offers one of the nicest designs present currently on market. It includes two remote alarm contacts offering you peace of mind. Keston Heat Solution Boilers extended efficiency by adding turndown 5:1 and BMS  set for 0-10v (control and high). Thanks to this it can be also a perfect choice for a great number of commercial purposes.

How much gas savings will  Keston Combi boiler give? Up to 25%, and on the top it Keston Combi boilers- all models- have ultra-low NOx emissions – best in class.  5 year standard warranty is given for Keston Heat Solution and 2 year for any type of Keston Combi Boiler

Boilers account for 55% of your total bill utilities so ensuring you have a high efficiency boiler is paramount for saving you money. Estimates conducted by the energy saving trust account for a £310 per year and 1,200KG of carbon dioxide saving of you replace your old boiler for an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler.

Why are new boilers more efficient you may ask? The latest’s boilers on the market are more efficient because they are condensing boilers and contain a larger heat exchanger recovering more heat in the flue. What they do is basically  recover waste heat that would normally leave your house and heat up the rest of the country.

Increasing the efficiency of your boiler by 20% will actually reduce your fuel bill by more than 25% (a quarter of your energy costs).

Summarizing replacing your old boiler is good because:

1. Completely modulating and highly efficient – boiler uses just the right amount of fuel that is needed in order to set  temperature of central. That results in saving money on your bills for gas.

2. Good for both house and commercial use.

3. Excellent quality, small space, nice and modern design.

4.  N0x Class 5 – Class 5 is the highest in rang for environmental protection related to NOx pollution, with this Keston boilers fit into Code for Sustainable Homes.

5. Offers twin flue up to 27 m (depending on a model) and automatic bypass option.

6. Low cost of replacement and spare parts, guaranteed on stock availability in UK.

If your boiler is an old one you would most likely have to conduct expensive repairs or replace it in the next few years anyway, why not change it now and start saving 25% now! Ask for quotation, don’t leave for the last moment when your old boiler breaks- especially if that happens during the winter.

Keston Boilers offer up to 5 years standard guarantee- (model dependent). When purchasing Keston boilers you are paying for quality, not for branding. They don’t take much space and installation is being performed by very good national service team all over UK within. Installation doesn’t take more than few hours and some planning before allows to reduce cost by ordering specialist in off peak times for cheaper.