Keston Boilers Guide

If you were searching for a website that would gather all necessary information about all Keston Boilers or particular Keston model this is it. You will find here a lot of useful information whether if you already own a Keston boiler or you are looking to purchase one. There is a section dedicated for Keston boiler spares and parts replacement too.

Keston, is a well known British boiler supplier,  both design and production are based in UK. Company was found in the 1928 and originally dealt with boilers installation  and services. Company switched its profile into production and services after 30 years, and got very successful in late ’90s with a series of 50, 60, 80 boilers in range of 15-24 kW.  From 1998 Keston offers a range for both of domestic and commercial boilers. In 2013 Keston released  new domestic and light commercial series, and from that time on customers can choose a solution right for them no matter if they need combi, just heating or a system solution. Since new series was released each boiler comes with 2 year guarantee.

Keston offers an excellent national service team that works 364 days a year. Keston Combi boilers  relatively simple and fast in installation. Their efficiency level is A and there are 2 standard available outputs: 30kW, 35kW.

The Keston Combi Boiler 30 can be fitted almost anywhere in your home. There is no need for a separate tank, thanks to Keston twin-flue system, the boiler can be installed up to 27 meters from the flue outlet. Replacement parts are available for the life cycle of a boiler you chose to purchase. Normally, low quality is linked to low price, this is typical with other boiler types. We have tried to express the advantages and disadvantages of each type in the below sections.

Selecting Keston

Selecting a model of boiler requires consideration of the type and condition of a place you are heating.  Age of your home is important, system setup, number of radiators, insulation grading, dwelling type, if your home is an apartment what floor you are on is important. Storage radiators verses radiators with convector fins also matter. Furthermore if you have a system fault you will need to troubleshoot , fault find and almost always replace parts

Typical problems

Keston Boilers have common problems like most other boiler types. Most problems are caused by not proper installation (performed not by Keston authorized service team). Sometimes old condensing boilers fail to fire because pressure switch breaks, you will hear then characteristic ‘buzzing’ noise. This noise never occurs when the boiler fires correctly and in normal operation (boiler fires, ignites, heats water and then stops). Fixing the switch solves issue for next couple of years.  Other problems include: the central heating and hot water are not working the same time for Combi boilers and priority always goes to the hot water, combustion seals leaking, hose failures, leaking diverter valves and/or pressure sensors. Almost all boilers will get trapped air or low water pressure within the system. This common issue can be easily overcomed by bleeding the air from the radiator. What’s more additional water can be put into the system via mains valve.

Warning!!! It is a criminal offence to work on a gas appliance if you don’t have proper qualifications. If there is an issue with your boiler and you need help pls call a Keston national service team, who has knowledge, experience, proper qualifications and is Gas safe registered


Use this troubleshooting  guide if you experience an issue on your boiler panel.  There is no need to repair parts as they are low cost and should be replaced when faulty. With your Keston Combi Boiler you get an Owner’s Manual.  If you experience an issue during your warranty period then return it to the dealer or place of purchase if you need some serious help. Read more and consult on our forum /FAQ

In summary, for a good quality , good installation and a boiler for a big house or commercial place a Keston Combi Boiler is a perfect decision!