Keston Combi C45 boiler central heating pump is noisy

Hello Everyone,

I have bought a Keston Combi C45 boiler one year ago. Someone please help regarding a problem which my boiler is having now a days. The signs are loud & weird banging sounds as I connect the boiler to the main power. The Keston boiler bangs like after 2-3 seconds. What is the reason behind it? Should I contact a service center?



Hi Jess,

After considering the above-given information, I am going to the share the few possible whys and wherefores behind ‘why your boiler’s central heating pump is noisy’? These reasons are as follows:

  1. speed settings are not correct
  2. internal parts of the Keston boiler are seized
  3. The central heating up is jammed due to sludge buildup
  4. Air locked

For detailed investigation, it is advised to call a boiler engineer.